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August 20, 2019

Importance of Car Insurance?

Nowadays, accidents caused by vehicular accidents are rampant. Properties were damaged and lives were taken away. According to ‘Dahan Dahan sa Daan’ , a network of road safety advocates, road accidents is one of the main causes of death globally, and among those aged between 15 to 19 year old. Wherein globally, the estimated number of death due to road crash are 1.25million based on the study of World Health Organization (WHO), last 2018.

However, here in the Philippines, annually there are 10,000 number of death caused by vehicular accidents, aged 20-24 year old, this is according to a group of road safety activist. On the other hand, 33% of road crashes were in Quezon City and this is according to Councilor Alexis Herrera III.

This is the main factor that our government wanted to prevent the continuous increase in numbers of vehicular accidents in the country. Moreover, how can we diminish road accidents? How can we prevent vehicular road crash? This is a long journey to go through until our countrymen and governments finds an appropriate solution.

In this case, insurance companies plays an important role in every car owner’s life. Insurance providers, help them out to avoid such high amount of expenditures when an accident occurred. While we cannot have a solution to an increasing rate of road accidents, car insurance is to the rescue, to avoid the hassle and stress among their assured. To simply make sure that the units damaged will be repaired, parts will be replaced or sometimes they will be compensated due to the unexpected occurrence of the road crash or accident per se.

This is why, reasonable enough car insurance is important and is a must have whenever you have a motor vehicle. We at every insurance companies, make sure that your heads won’t feel any ache as well as your wallet won’t feel empty as long as you are insured with us. This the only promise that we can commit while waiting for the best solution for road accidents.

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