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August 20, 2019

Importance of acts of nature?

In 2016, Philippines ranks as third in most disaster-prone country in the world, because of unpredictable typhoons, even monsoons. Properties were destroyed. Investments become losses. When you were attacked by a natural calamity, it left you nothing. Wherein, all of a sudden, you have to start again, from the scratch.

Calamities are like accidents on the road, you will never expect when it will happen. To prevent such losses, you have to be ready. Ready in any disaster that my possibly occur. The question is, how will you be prepared?

You want to know the answer? It’s simple. Just have an insurance with Acts of Nature. It protects you from any damages caused by natural calamities. Good thing is you can have your acts of nature not only in your car insurance but also with your properties. All you have to do is to avail Fire Insurance with Acts of Nature or Car Comprehensive Insurance with Acts of Nature.

On the other hand, Acts of Nature also protects all banks with auto financing. Once that the claim was proven total loss and still it’s under mortgage, the financing company or bank will be compensated with the losses.

This is why, Acts of Nature is important and a must have upon availing a comprehensive insurance.

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