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August 20, 2019

How to process car insurance claims?

They say that it’s rare in an insurance provider to settle a claim as fast as flash. Some assured get irritated with all the claims and its process. But, did we even bothered to ask why sometimes claiming in an insurance took so long? I bet, we don’t.

Well, if you don’t then this post is definitely for you.

Processing an insurance claim is like a roller coaster ride it’s fast but it has its ups and downs also its twists and turns. Sometimes, there are lacking documents, or sometime there are questions regarding what happened, so many instances may occur but at the end of the day, your insurance agent will surely always be by your side every step of the process.

Below are the list of claims requirements;

  1. Copy of Policy
  2. Repair Estimate
  3. OR / CR of the Unit
  4. License with OR
  5. Photos of the damages showing the plate or CS Number
  6. Police Report / Affidavit
  7. If there’s a third party, original copy of Certificate of No Claims

Once these documents are complete, claims process will start and all you have to do is sit and relax until your motor vehicle is ready to use again.

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